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Japan Matsuri
On the 21st and 22nd of April 2012, the town of Bellinzona is going to host for the first time in Ticino a Japanese festival. The event, named Japan Matsuri, will be a socially and culturally active event about Japan. There will be an exhibition area, a recreational/entertainment area, workshop, open market and, of course, Japanese cuisine stands.
This will all be for a noble cause: in fact the profits will be given to charities helping people affected by the earthquake and tsunami of last March 11th. Also our sponsors will have the opportunity to join our cause, and all their donations will be added to the profits.
Over the years, the region of Ticino has seen several Japanese famous characters involved in manifestations, but this kind of events considered only certain aspects of the Japanese culture.
The aims of this project, with the scope of organizing a socio-cultural event for charity, are the following:
  • to present a 360° view of Japan to the public;
  • to encourage people to support the Japanese population affected by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011;
  • to let the audience discover the different sides of Japan, breaking down possible stereotypes;
  • to have fun and learn new things, according to the new stile of "edutainment", which combines entertainment, education and interaction with young people in a new and exciting way.
  • to promote the ideas of the associations that cooperate with the project;
  • to propose an inhedit event in Ticino
Type of Event
Exposition focused on the Japan culture exchange with the collateral goal to raise funds for charity.

The different aspects of the Japanese culture will be represented by experienced and competent professionals, in order to present the visitors with a wide vision of activities. Educational spaces will be available, where adults and children will live the experience of various activities, such as manga design, kusudama, ikebana, martial arts, etc.
During the day different conferences will take place on the stage, to promote a great entertainment.

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