Japan Matsuri 2016



You will find different recreational areas at the Japan Matsuri, from traditional Japanese games to something more modern. Not to forget the tournaments with awesome prizes!

Board games

The GIOCHINTAVOLA Association was born with the aim to promote the board games . At the Japan Matsuri you will have the chance to find many Japanese games and other famous broad games.

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Regional Qualifications 2016

The regional qualifications for the European Championship 2016 of the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! are once again expected for the next edition of the Japan Matsuri.
The card game Yu-Gi-Oh! is a collectable card game derived from a similar imaginary game that appears in the manga and anime of Yu-Gi-Oh! (it is called “Magic Wizards” in the manga, whereas in the anime it is called “Duel Monsters”).
The game is published in Japan by Konami and distributed in Italy by Halifax/Digital Bros since 2002; overall, it has been published in more than 40 countries and translated in many languages.
In 2009 Konami announced that the total sales of the cards surpassed 22,5 billions, which allowed the game to enter the Guinness World Record as collectable card game with more cards sold in the world.

The Tournament
During the whole day of Saturday 9th April and in collaboration with the Association Drago Rosso of Locarno, there are going to take place the regional qualifications for the European Championship 2015 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.

Sign up and Information:
Price for sign up to the tournament and entry to the fair included: 20.- CHF

Pre sign up well accepted: 091 751 83 68 or email info@sognidicarta.ch. Sign up on place. Places are limited to a max. of 40 players.

Each participant will get 2 sets of cards. We remind you that the type of the tournament expects a deck that respects the Advanced Constructed format. The list of the forbidden cards to the tournament will be provided once you email us at: info@sognidicarta.ch.

For other information please get directly in touch with the tournament organiser.

When: April 9th


More games to be announced