Japan Matsuri 2016

Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest

As every year, the Japan Matsuri will offer the cosplay contest!

Cosplayers, get ready, because this year you will once again have the chance to perform and challenge the others to win amazing prizes.

What is the Cosplay?
The Cosplay is a practice that consists in wearing a costume that represents a character recognisable in a determinate context, and to interpret the way he acts. Since the event has its origins in Japan, the character represented by a cosplayer is often chosen among those from the Japanese manga and anime world. However, it is not rare that the choice is extended to the tokusatsu, video games, bands, RPGs, movies and TV series, books of every genre and even advertisement.

The word is a contraction of “costume” and “play”, words which describe accurately the hobby of having fun dressing as one’s favourite character. Besides dressing up on the occasion of public events like the anime conventions, it is not unusual for Japanese teenagers to gather together with friends with the same passion only to do cosplay.

Information and Rules

Japan Matsuri will organise a Cosplay Contest on Sunday 9th of April 2016 open to everyone! If you have a passion for the Cosplay and you want to perform this is going to be your chance: sign up!
The deadline for the enrolment online is set on the 3th of April 2016. You can also sign up directly at the fair on Sunday 10th by 13:30.

The best Cosplay will be judged and awarded by experts of the subject. There will be different prizes kindly offered by DADIX Comics & Manga shop.

For more information please consult the rules. If there are any questions or problems you can reach us by writing an email to: info@japanmatsuri.org




Daniele a.k.a. Lupin together with Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko and Zenigata give life to the characters of one of the most famous and loved anime in the world, “Lupin III”. During their adventure they won many competitions, not only, they also participated to different radio broadcasting and were chosen by “Mediaset” to convey the world of Cosplay together with their cosplayer friends, Cristina D’Avena and the Gemboy in one of the episodes of Colorado (TV show in Italy) and X Factor Italy.

Technical details

We inform the participants that the stage for the performance will be 30 square meters (6m x 5m).


The information provided for the participation to the Japan Matsuri Cosplay Contest will not be given to a third party for any reason and title. The image of the participants can be used for promotional aims.

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