Japan Matsuri 2016

Special Guests

Special Guests

sitoMasami Suda
Born in Saitama prefecture in 1943, he is one of the most important Japanese cartoonists. Suda has worked in many successful animation series. The one that defined him the most, making the sensei popular overseas definitely is: “Seikimatsu Kyuseishu Densetsu – Hokuto No Ken” (Fist of the north Star).
Kamui_low)Samurai Sword Artists – Kengishū KAMUI
From Kill Bill to Japan Matsuri!

Samurai Sword Artists – Kengishū KAMUI
Founded in 1998 by Tetsurō Shimaguchi, the group’s objective is to create a new style of theater, of which foundation lies in the culture and traditional techniques of “Tate”, namely the Japanese sword fighting, is always the essence of Japanese films and shows.

shiatsuAssociazione Svizzera di Shiatsu metodo Namikoshi
L’Associazione Svizzera Shiatsu metodo Namikoshi (ASSN) was born in 1998 and its aim is to promote the Namikoshi shiatsu style in Switzerland.
taikoAssociazione Taiko Lecco
Funded in 2007, the Association has no profit purpose and holds activities of social use for it’s members and extern people through courses for schools, shows, theatrical events, musical events and dance events. All tied to the unification of gestures, sound, rhythm and movements found in the traditional Japanese art of Taiko.
logoBCTsmall1Bonsai Club Ticino
“Bonsai Club Ticino” is celebrating his 30th anniversary and to honor this goal, the club decided to hold an exhibition at the Japan Matsuri with a guided tour and some workshops
shodo_1Chiaki Nakano
She was born in Fukushima and she started to learn Shodo at 8 year old thank to the master KozanTsuzuki and the master Ikko Abe. In 1999 she founded her own school named “Nakano Syodo kai”. Thanks to her activity she also performed oversea such as in Seattle and Paris.
IMG_6311_miniEliana Hashimoto
She used to live in Tokyo and attended the Sogetsu School.
somniaFederica Di Meo e Elena Zanzi
Federica and Elena are the authors of the first Manga comic book released in Italy from a major company.
caniJapanese dogs breedings
Japanese dogs show
It’s a duo formed by the Italian DJ Shiru and the Japanese singer ERIKO. Their shows include many music genres such as J-pop, opera music, Italian pop, electronic pieces and also drama. They have performed in several big festivals like the Lucca Comics & Games, the Napoli Comicon and the Etna Comics. In 2014 their first CD will be released in Italy, Switzerland and Japan.
Team_miniLuca and Taeko
For Taeko tea is tradition, family values, hospitality and the Buddhist religion. Luca graduated as Tea Sommelier and he has an approach more “European” to the tea. However , for both this is a special product.
lightLightsaber Academy Ticino
The Group “Lightsaber Academy Ticino” (in the beginning “Jedi Academy Ticino”) was founded in 2012
Daniele a.k.a. Lupin together with Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko and Zenigata give life to the characters of one of the most famous and loved anime in the world, “Lupin III
Marica Inoue (Mari Mari-chan)

Marica Inoue was born in Tokyo and now she’s living in Milan.She has studied Visual communication Design at Musashino Art University and after the graduation she moved to Italy and started her studies at Brera Fine Art Academy.
toyamaMisuzu Dadò
Mrs Dadò was born and grown up in Toyama until 17 years old, after living in the U.S.A, in New Zealand and in England she moved in Ticino in 1999, where she is still living.
sposiRossella Marangoni and Tomoko Hoashi
Rossella has graduated in Japanese language and literature at the Turin University and Tomoko is a master of kimono. They are working together since 2010, in order to promote the art of dressing kimono.
Swiss Academy of Manga / Cinzia Bruschi

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. After short time of study in Japan, she decided to open the first school in Switzerland teaching manga technique, official recognized by the European Academy of Manga.
111_miniEnya Tsukudagawa
He founded his own school named “ Tsukudagawa Oedo Tamasudare ” in 1993. Today, he is teacher of 200 students in Japan, and he is also director of the public cultural institute “ Sakura Shin Kan ” in Tokyo. You can attend his shows in theaters or also watch them on TV. Tsukudagawa san is working hard, in order to also teach this particular arts in the schools.In the past years, he has been on tour in China, USA and Italy.