Japan Matsuri 2017

Taiko concert

Taiko concert

The Taiko Lecco Association comes back for the 6th edition of Japan Matsuri, this time followed by the youngest of their group, with more passion and a new concert of traditional Japanese percussion instruments.

It’s important to say that the drums played by the Taiko company, eye-catching for their size and form, require a choreography of strong and solemn movements, that produce sounds very similar to a thunderclap.

In fact, Taiko show is not just about music, but also about theatrical and visual elements, that come together to create a harmony between melody, rhythm and motion; a performance that will certainly leave the audience speechless and emotionally involved with the traditional and contemporary Japanese songs that will be performed on stage.

Associazione TAIKO LECCO

The Taiko Lecco Association, a no-profit organization born in 2007, offers to everyone the opportunity to experience a form of art focused on rhythm, music and gesture, using ancient Japanese percussion instruments called “Taiko”. In fact, the Association offers many classes for schools, general training classes, labs and shows, and it is in charge of the organization of theatrical, musical ad dancing events.