Japan Matsuri 2017

“Cooking show – Okonomiyaki” with free tasting

“Cooking show – Okonomiyaki” with free tasting

The Okonomiyaki is one of the most popular dishes of Japanese culture and its origin dates back to the Azuchi-Momoyama age (about 1570-1600), when Sen no Rikyû, a Master of Tea Ceremony, decided that this treat was a perfect match for the taste of the above-mentioned beverage.
Originally, the Okonomiyaki was made of a simple dough of flour with boiled leeks, cooked on a specific hotplate and eaten with the Okonomiyaki sauce.

But it was only after the II World War that this dish was named Okonomiyaki, as in the course of time people started to modify the recipe following their taste and adding to the dough some cabbage, squid, octopus, pork or beef; in fact, the word “Okonomiyaki” literally means “Grill as you wish”.

Later in the history, some variations of this dish were also created in Tokyo, named “ Monja-yaki” and “Dondon-yaki”, that were very similar to Okonomiyaki in the aspect, but quite different in the preparation.
Nowadays, we can affirm that Okonomiyaki is a very loved dish that gives everyone the opportunity to sit all together in front of the hotplate and to taste a delicious meal in a warm environment.

This year, thanks to the collaboration of Nami and Eriko, the visitors of Japan Matsuri will have the opportunity to discover more about this delicious treat and to enjoy its taste.