Japan Matsuri 2017

K-ble Jungle – ( Kブル ジャングル)

K-ble Jungle – ( Kブル ジャングル)

K-ble Jungle is the name of a musical project that in a few years became famous in Japan and in Europe, giving to the audience an dynamic, surprising and incredible duo: the Japanese singer ERIKO and the Italian DJ Shiru.

Together, they help the public to discover J-Pop music with a show full of theatrical elements inspired by Japanese culture, video projections and beautiful and stunning costumes. Their concerts have taken them all over the world: Portugal, France, Italy, United States, Germany, Switzerland and of course Japan – Places and moments that gave them the strength to go beyond the genre and to personalize their style.

This year, the K-ble Jungle are coming back to amaze one more time the visitors of Japan Matsuri!

website: www.kblejungle.com