Japan Matsuri 2017

Japanese dog breeds

Japanese dog breeds

After the success of the 5th edition of Japan Matsuri, this year’s festival wants to give another tribute to the man’s best friend, organizing a show that will present on stage the characteristics and the qualities of Japanese dogs’ breeds.

In this edition there will be more races to discover, raised with love in well-known breeding farms in Ticino and in the North of Italy, and described in detail by professional breeders: Shikoku ken, Shiba Inu, Kishu Ken, American Akita, Hokkaido Ken, Akita Inu.

These friendly and beautiful animals will show on stage their qualities and will make the public fall in love with their personality and their distinctive traits!


http://www.ofshounkensha.it (Akita)

https://www.shikokuken.it (Shikoku Ken)

http://www.allevamentoikigai.com/ (Shiba Inu & Kishu Ken)

http://www.monterosaakita.org/ (American Akita )

http://www.shibasamurai.it (Hokkaido Ken)

Collage con bordo-1.jpg (SFILATA CANI)