Japan Matsuri 2017



Senmaru became popular thanks to his participation at Italia’s got talent 2016, where he arrived to the final.

Senmaru is a juggler and a performer of “Edo-Daikagura”, a particular type of show that takes its name from the combination of the word “Edo”, the old name of Tokyo, with the word “Daikagura”, an ancient art whose original purpose was to serve as a talisman for people and chase away the evil. It was in fact a very sacred and serious performance, that transformed itself during the past decades in order to be closer to our society expectations.
Today, this performance is an amazing entertainment for people of all ages and it represents the transformation of an old and beautiful art, which will give you the chance to live a magical experience and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Senmaru, in a beautiful kimono, will amaze you and your family with Japanese traditional tricks using many different props, even household items of ancient times like a ceramic teapot or a square wooden measuring box.

Don’t worry. Don’t think. Just feel it!
Don’t blink. It’s amazing!